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  • Camping Area Needed for RVs – Michael Millman


What a life indeed

Dear Beachhead,

I’m sitting at Abbot’s Habit, enjoying my first of what I imagine will be many of their delicious sandwiches, and today marks officially one week that I’ve lived in venice.

I picked up the beachhead as I was waiting for my order, and was greeted with Eino Hill’s inspiring first-ever article about all the possibilities that this city has to offer.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate that my life has brought me here at this point, and I look forward to discovering all the magic the place has to offer.

Kudos to Eino on a great article and an even better outlook, and I look forward to becoming a regular beachhead reader.

Thank you both!

Tim Dybvig


Camping Area Needed for RVs

Dear Beachhead,

With a new city attorney, Mr. Trutanich, many feel that “quality of life” issues, such as the invasion of Neighborhoods by Campers/RVs will be immediately addressed.

If people sleep in their cars or vehicles, they will be apprehended and prosecuted. After all, you agree that people who convert their motor vehicles into “living quarters” either overnight or day by day are otherwise in violation of the Los Angeles Municipal Code  85.2.

I oppose OPDs. I also feel that your community should locate some land or area which is an appropriate venue for these residents, and make some arrangements so that they can have a safe and secure location.

Let’s work together. We both are opposed to OPDs and we both agree that camping in front of someone’s home indefinitely is also wrong, inappropriate and unlawful.

Happy Summer,

Michael Millman

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