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Volleyball Without A Net

By Amy V. Dewhurst

Where Are Our Volleyball Nets???

There are a total of three volleyball nets north of the Breakwater on the 600 block of Ocean Front Walk (eight total in Venice). For more than a month one third of them have been missing.

Whether from natural wear and tear, an act of vandalism or simply a lack of main-tenance, the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation has disappointed the citizens of Venice. Despite several calls to their office, two ineffectual posts still stand netless. A subculture staple who preferred not to be named cried that he is outraged at the lack of attention to this basic fundamental aspect of our community.”

Multimedia writer/director Peter Tahoe is despondent because of the city’s lack of response citing “I look forward to Sundays because that’s our weekly community get together. The unfortunate destruction of one of the nets has inhibited that.”

Enervated by this equivocation, five year Venice residents Brooke and Jelani Lawson purchased a net for neighborhood use. Jelani, a lawyer, declared “It’s a shame that in the current economic crisis, the city of Los Angeles seems to lack the resources to maintain the public space and that private citizens have to do the job of the city.”

To join in the cause to replace the net please call 310-305-9511.