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• Why Do We Still Vote? – Steve Brown
• Live Free Or Drive – Gary Neville
• Permit Parking – RVs – Michael Millman


True Democracy

Dear Beachhead,

Isn’t It Time for the Plebiscite of Every Day Events and Decisions?

I wish the people of Venice and the Venice Neighborhood Council and the Venice Town Council would consider promoting the following political proposition.

It’s time for a monthly email plebiscite for the Venice Community.

The Plebiscite will determine the will of the community on various issues. The ‘leadership’ will determine the issues and present them in a weekly email newsletter (Issues to be voted on, projects to be voted on.)

The job of the leadership is to present the issues, and the two opposing sides (not more than 3) for the community to vote on.

The vote would be by E mail. The votes would be tallied in 24 hours and released by return e mail.

The Venice Neighborhood Council, as a part of the neighborhood council structure and its ‘political thrust’ – is presently involved in dispensing patronage and favors, giving out money given to it by the city, and granting permissions to build –which involve major deals and variances.

Ideally, such issues should be subject to almost immediate public scrutiny–discussion,  and vote, given that we have  a web site and e mail and all people can accesses these.

If there are people in Venice who cannot access these then the Venice Library will provide the site for these people for free to view on line and vote. Other sites like schools as well.

Why let Ward Politics develop further when we know what the outcome will be?

Why not True Democracy!!    Why Not Direct Democracy!

Arnold  Springer


Why Do We Still Vote?

Dear Beachhead,

As an RV dweller I’ve watched with amusement at the years of constant bickering over a fairly simple problem – parking in Venice.

There are legitimate arguments on both sides, however, it seems that the fad now, whether its Bush vs. Gore, Coleman vs. Franken, Arnold vs. the legislators, or VNC vs. the coastal commission, it seems that voting no longer matters.

Whichever side loses sues. You want government to run healthcare. Yet, nobody wants to be reasonable. Let’s stop the nonsense. There is a simple solution. Both sides have to bend. Lets face it, sacrifices must be made and certain RVs must go. Stop acting like foot stomping ten year olds and let’s fix the damn problem.

Steve Brown


Live Free Or Drive

Dear Beachhead,

Am a local small-time architect/developer here in Venice and was VERY impressed by your article in the Free Venice Beachhead  LIVE FREE OR DRIVE.

I spent one and one-half years intentionally bicycling two miles to work every day–rain or shine/day or night. Though I drive it these days, I’m a strong believer that there could not be a better community than Venice to be re-designed with bicycles/ pedicabs, etc as one mode amongst equals–and possibly even as the dominant mode of Venice transport! As a prototype community for your ideas, Venice has it all—it is flat, has the ideal scale, mixed uses, the right climate, the right people…and guys like you–the synthesizers, the communicators.

If there is anything I can do to help you guys ramp up credible planning graphics (for whomever–LA City Planning/Green Magazines/etc.) for presentation purposes re your Transportation Plan for a “Green/Community of Tomorrow” please advise. Your ideas, which I just read in the Beachhead, are an applied and condensed version of much of the smartest, forward-thinking concepts found in planning literature written over the last 50 years in the US and practiced for hundreds of years in Europe! Though the language is different, the concepts are the same. And you seem to have already applied them to Venice. This stuff is even more relevant today than ever before, as you obviously know.

Gary Neville


Permit Parking – RVs

Dear Beachhead,

As you are now well aware, a small portion of Parking Lot B at LAX has been dedicated to campers and RVs.  There are approxi–mately 100 or 150 campers currently parked at this Venue.

The occupants or residents of these campers appear to be flight crews or airline employees.  As you are aware, they pay a fee of $2 per day.

The parking lot has restroom facilities, security and is well supervised and policed.  The arrangement is promoted and sanctioned by L.A.P.D. and the Airport police.  As you are also aware, there are several other enormous parking lots underutilized at the Airport.

Indeed, Parking Lot B has space or accommodation for at least several thousand or more Campers or RVs.

I suggest that your group conduct their own investigation, and write a series of articles as to the program successfully being promoted at the Airport and whether the program would be .” . . appropriate and feasible . . .” for some individuals currently occupying street parking in or near Venice.  I am certain that you can interview the director of Airport operations, Airport commissioners, Airport police personnel and the parking authority to determine how the program was instituted, maintained and promoted.

Again, there are huge unused lots at the Airport previously dedicated to auto rental companies.  I am certain that, if you drive behind the new postal station at Arbor Vitae and Airport Boulevard, you will note that there are substantial areas that could be dedicated to Campers and RVs.

I am opposed to OPDs, however, I also think it is inappropriate for RVs or Campers to select a position in front of someone’s home and then take over the area. Do the research.  Do the Article.  Best of luck.

Happy summer, Michael Millman

P.S. Perhaps, you should interview Marcy Winograd, who is running against Jane Harman for congress??? She is anti-war and very interesting.

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