After Obama…American Idol?

By Alice Cramden

Let me get this right.  We are in the midst of an economic Armageddon the likes of 1929. Obama, the great savior for whom I worked tirelessly for six weeks, whacking my back in the process, canvassing from door to door, regaling every neighbor in every neighborhood in greater Albuquerque, that he was the change we had been hoping for is now endorsing many of the same Bush programs that we “the people” repudiated?  Obama said the public option was the only way to go on Health Care Reform. But now that is off the table.  Obama said he would renegotiate NAFTA?  Now his handlers say, oh that was just campaign rhetoric.  And while he promised to close Gitmo in one year, he supports rendition.  That means people are still going to get tortured, just not at Gitmo or in our country.  And there are to be no prosecutions for torture even though it is illegal; except if Eric Holder decides to; because we need to move forward.

We will leave Iraq, but will keep 50,000 troops there as peace keepers. That will not include the thousands more troops needed for the on-going war in Afghanistan and the troops needed to man the many bases which have since been built there.  They coincidentally follow the path of the oil fields.  We continue to have a huge footprint in the Middle East assuring our position in the battle of diminishing reserves of peak oil.

Now Obama, Bush and Congress have mortgaged our futures.  They’re selling us out to the Bankers who basically now own the world – lock, stock, and barrel – in the biggest scam ever.  I really fear for my children and grandchildren; what is to become of them now that their future is no longer theirs?? The whole thing reminds me of that PBS program about the Cherokees.  One of the wealthy Cherokee chiefs sold the Cherokee land against the will of the Cherokee Nation to the American Government and that paved the way for the Trail of Tears.


Get ready for our Trail of Tears.  Nader always said there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans.  In his book, Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, Jesse Ventura says politics is like wrestling; you all pretend to be adversaries, you know. . .  “I am going to kick your ass. . .” when in real life you go out for a beer.  It’s all show biz.  Everyone is basically on the same side, the money side and conspiring how to get more of it. . .money that is.

Well, now it looks like they have scammed us royally, sold us down the river and now that California (and probably the country) is on the verge of bankruptcy, they will have reasons why there needs to be cut backs for Social Security,  Medicare, Medicaid, programs for the poor, etc.  You already hear it echoing in every nation, state, city, town all over this planet.   How does that work.  Let me see, they create the problem and then they create the solution.

In her book, Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein writes about the misery the IMF and World Bank caused to Latin American countries when they conspired with puppet dictators and sold out the people through fraudulent investments.  These puppet dictators sold all the resources and future labor of the people to the global corporate elite at huge interest payments.  It took years for them to get out of the IMF/World Bank web.

It was the Milton Friedman, Chicago School of Economics model, capitalism run amok.  There was a slight wicked twist to it though.  They found that if a people were traumatized by either natural events such as a typhoon or war, they were more pliable and more complacent and more likely to go along with a program that under normal conditions they would fight.  Hence, the many wars, people disappearing, people being thrown out of airplanes, families having their children kidnapped, etc.  The people were brought to their knees literally.

Now we have our own version of shock doctrine being implemented here in America.  First 9/11 qualified as a 10 on the Richter scale of human traumas, wouldn’t you say? I mean it brought us to our knees.  There was Katrina; it’s stark message being that government is not there to help you but kick you in the butt.

And then the cherry on top, the coup d’etat: the Economic Meltdown.  It was orchestrated by the very same robber barons who would end up having the solution for the problem they created in the first place.  Alan Greenspan did admit he made a miscalculation by trusting the bankers would regulate themselves.  Bernacke kept his job at the Federal Reserve and got reinstated for another four years.


Geithner, Summers, et al. made sure the bankers all got their bonuses with TARP money.   Americans keep getting mad that these scoundrels keep getting promoted instead of getting fired for the jobs they are doing.  But hey, they are doing a great job.  They do exactly what the elite want them to do.

Events of late have been quite interesting to me.  It just all seems like a surreal movie unreeling.  The sheep have all been dumbed down over the last 20 years.  They are just trying to cope with all the new harsh realities.  They really have no clue other than they really love and miss Michael Jackson.  The only voting they will be doing anytime soon (after the Barak let down) will be on American Idol. The guys you thought were the good guys are just shams; empty shells of toothy smiles.  The same shell games are  carrying on the same program that the former presidential puppet employed—keeping the rich, well, rich.

Then there’s that talk again of the New World Order, and yes, even from the Messiah’s mouth.  I thought that nonsense was gone for good with the exodus of the old regime.  But there was Obama, in broad daylight, talking about the New World Order.  It made me lose my sensibilities and there I was again googling PrisonPlanet.com, the Bilderbergs and the Reptilian Agenda.  Ouch!

Alice Cramden is the pen name of a Beachhead Collective member in the 1980s and 90s.

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