Skills Center Here to Stay

The Oct. 15 dedication of the new Venice Skills Center’s (VSC) permanent building after nearly 41 years of teaching out of many temporary structures gives the L.A. Unified school an all new feel.

Course offerings include computer repair, graphic design, business English and math, computer applications, optical dispensing, web design, Cisco networking and dental assistant. Most classes are open enrollment meaning that you can start the class anytime.

Classes at the facility are dirt cheap, with fees of only $30, plus some class expenses. Seniors over 60, the disabled, people on public assistance and unemployment insurance get their fees waved.

Unfortunately, VSC no longer offers its popular auto repair services where residents could get their cars fixed for cheap.

L.A. City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and Steve Zimmer, L.A. Unified Board Member both spoke at the dedication. Principal Cynthia Y. Tollette chaired the celebration.

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