Meet The New Boss – Same As The Old Boss?

Charlie Beck, was appointed LAPD police chief on Nov. 17, following the resignation of his patron, William Bratton.

Beck had auditioned in front of a Venice and Mar Vista audience, Nov. 10. The Deputy Police Chief was rushed to the head of the line, apparently at Bratton’s urging and Villaraigosa’s agreement.

Beck did well with the friendly crowd as lots of uniformed police stood silently. He said he would not do the federal government’s job of enforcing immigration laws.

He expressed his sympathy to the family of Devin Petelski, whose life ended when she was broadsided by a police car, Oct. 15. However, the department he now heads may be involved in a coverup of police malpractice that led to the death of a 25-year-old innocent person.

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