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The meaning of life is beyond the mind and revealed within, in a moment that embraces ecstatic timelessness. We are something more than our mind, body, and emotions, all of which fulfill various legitimate and worthwhile needs and goals.

We are all on a ladder of understanding; awareness and spiritual unfoldment. I have reached the top of my ladder, and it was up against the wrong wall. Misunderstandings occur when those on other rungs attempt to convince others of something or other. Forgive my namedropping, however, God, Brahman, Allah, Jehovah, Ahura Magda, etc. and so forth, is Cosmic Consciousness, that pervades and transcends the Multi-Universe. God is Light, Life, Love, Truth, Good, Beauty, Consciousness, Existence, Bliss, Absolute, if you will forgive my language.

One might say everything is a manifestation of the Ultimate Effulgent Reality. It may, however, be a challenge finding someone to say that, too. Yes, I know they’re out there, but I’m not getting around that much any more. P.S. No longer climaxing, let me sum up: I believe everybody gets what’s coming to them, which clearly explains why I always walk fast, keep my head down, don’t look back, rarely answer the telephone and wear a ski mask when I saunter through the neighborhood, gracing all children with esoteric candy.

Nevertheless, it is reassuring to have understood that It never had a beginning, and never will end, and that we are all It. It is all connected, and that truth sustains the law of Karma. Ecstasy is our essence, and creativity is its cosmic motivation; if you’ll forgive my language, and God bless Tiny Tim.

I do want to wish everyone the inspiration of the spirit, health in mind, body and heart; the discovery of creativity in your mind and soul; light in your third eye to guide and share your life.

Love, Swami

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