Beachhead Celebrates 41st Anniversary

By Greta Cobar

The Best Paper in the world just turned 41, and we surely had the Best Party ever to match the Glorious occasion. We all got together and had an Orgy at the old City Hall.

Extremely awesome poets took the stage and passionately spoke while the audience did not listen, but Begged for the next word to be spoken. A strong sense of Oneness encompassed us all as our brains danced to the rhythm of the same poem.

The times were so good and the wine was so pouring that we screamed and moaned, smirked and laughed until we became part of the poem, or the poem became part of us. The line between the audience and the poets was definitely blurry, as extreme enthusiasm encompassed and overtook us all.

The event took place on December 6 at Beyond Baroque with Jim Smith, Hillary Kaye and Krista Schwimmer delighting our ears with original poems. Karl Abrams also drew cheers when he read Stuart Perkoff, who founded the Venice West Café Expresso and, among others, defined the beat experience in Venice in the 1950s and 60s. During open mic Jacob Meza, Roger Houston, Daniel Scarpa and Matt Sedillo also stimulated us with the Greatness of the spoken word.

Our beloved Suzy Williams, the one and only Venice Songbird, honored us as the evening’s MC. She also performed a song just-composed for the occasion by her and Carol Fondiller.

Overall, it was definitely one of those I’m-glad-I-didn’t-miss-it events that made our ears and brains Orgasm time and time again.

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