Carol Fondiller

Carol’s White Rose

By Chuck and Terry Bloomquist

We didn’t know Carol well enough to write even a sketchy obituary. We have, however, known her and loved her forever, or so it seems.

We would see her at meetings of the original Venice Town Council and at other Venice-promoting activities, when we could liberate ourselves from providing and raising six little Venetians.

We often entered her captivating handwritten articles on the computer and submitted them to the Beachhead. She also provided wonderful submissions to the programs we printed for many of the annual Jazz at Palms Court presentations.

At some point prior to her installation as Queen of Venice we discovered that she was partial to white roses. So, in addition to driving her from 5 Rose to Palms Court in our classic old convertible in regal style we gave her a white rose plant.

She lamented that she had no place to plant the rose so we agreed to plant it in our front yard with the understanding that it would always be her rose.

It turned out to be a beautiful and productive specimen and from time to time we would take photos of the beautiful blossoms and send them to her with notes of encouragement or bits of doggerel.

Shortly before she passed that thriving white rose bush put forth a single red rose; the only one ever and it is now busy creating new white blossoms.

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