Carol Fondiller

Carol and Me and The Collective

The collective was small and close knit in the early 70s, and working with Carol, Peter, Jim, Milton, Roy, Gordon, JoAnne and Linda, was a tough but rewarding time. Every story was examined for hours, before finally being typed up and pasted to mats on Linda’s floor (a messy job before the electronic revolution). The sometimes very heated discussions led to some ground-breaking stories, with the months before and during the demise of the SLA especially difficult.

Carol had an innate sense of justice and empathy for the underdog that was unwavering and her moral compass informed the collective’s decisions on a regular basis.

Venice has been fortunate to have Carol as a spokesperson and chronicler for the last few decades, with her writing skills – unparalleled and formidable. But most of all, she will be remembered as a spirit that was irrepressible, a spirit that kept on giving to the community no matter her personal travails, a spirit that left us better off for knowing her.

You will always live in our hearts Carol.

In gratitude,  gail williamson, 831 818 0714

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