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I don’t want to sound cynical; however, it does seem to me that the ego is a bad habit many people don’t want to give up. God bless them, and me. The ego is a cunning, diabolical devil. You see it every night on the News, or in the morning in the L.A./N.Y. Times. God bless them, too.

Life is a mirror, and the crack in the mirror is the ego. No, I don’t know what that means either. Of course, the soul is always there, taking a nap. Usually sooner or later, the soul awakes to its divine destiny of Oneness as God. Nothing can change that reality. Life is Good because God is Good, eternal existence and Absolute Bliss; if you’ll forgive my name dropping. Something we’re all subject to, along with celebrity adulation, Commandment Breaking and Watching the Grass Grow Greener in the Neighbor’s Yard. God Bless Us, we’re all human and have to stop taking ourselves so seriously. God, She has a cosmic sense of humor. We would be wise to follow Her lead. She wouldn’t mislead us. It’s not in her nature.

“Know ye not that ye are gods” was revealed 2000 years ago; and it’s still true, even if you are convinced you are an atheist, Harey Krishman or a Republican. If God is Bliss, and She is, our job is to have a good time, without hurting anyone, or getting a parking ticket.

Personally, I laugh at death, and he arrogantly laughs right back, thinking he’s got the last laugh. He doesn’t. He’s deluded with the illusion of Maya and power. Nothing dies; energy is just transformed. It all goes back to where it came, that Effulgent Reality. There I go, name dropping again.

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