In Brief

In Brief

  • Abbot Kinney’s Grandson, Kendrick, Dies – Paul Tanck
  • Vera Davis Center NOT in Danger of Closing? – Lydia Poncé

Abbot Kinney’s Grandson, Kendrick, Dies

On January 28, the passing of Kendrick Kinney, Abbot Kinney’s last remaining grandson, symbolically closed the end of an era for Venice.

Kendrick is survived by his wife of 67 years, Barbara, son Robert (Cathy) and grandchildren Peter Abbot and Anne Marie. The family celebrated Kendrick’s life with a burial at sea.

Kendrick was the third child of Innes Kinney, the fifth son of Abbot’s – out of 11 children.

March 28 would have been Kendrick’s 94th birthday. As we continue to enjoy the endless joys of living in Venice, spend a few moments in recognition of Kinney’s sense of community, his beloved family and the end of a remarkable era. A time of thrill rides, orange groves and a village by the sea that magically transported visitors to a Venetian dream. A dream that has become almost extinguished.

-Paul Tanck


Vera Davis Center Not in Danger of Closing?

Readers responded to the last month’s Beachhead on the Vera Davis closure. The Center received reassuring news that it was not being closed from City Hall officials and from Councilmember Bill Rosendahl.

The center’s phones have been ringing off the hook and people have stopped by to see how they could help to defeat it’s closure. Senior citizens put a petition together and collected over 300 signatures in support of keeping the Center open.

Center staff Cliff McClain and Eddie Nuno ask you to stop in to check out the services available. There is something for everyone there. Happy to report a happy ending to this story…

––Lydia Poncé

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