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Japanese-American Memorial Marker at Lincoln and Venice Boulevards?

By Phyllis Hayashibara

Were you one of these Japanese-Americans who lined up on Venice Boulevard, west of Lincoln Boulevard on April 25, 1942 in compliance with Civilian Exclusion Order No. 7?

Exclusion Order No. 7 directed “all persons of Japanese ancestry, both alien and non-alien,” to send “a responsible member of each family” on “Tuesday, April 21, 1942, or . . . on Wednesday, April 22, 1942 to the Civilian Control Station located at 2422 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, California.”

Do you remember, or do you know someone who does remember, receiving instructions to line up at or near this intersection?

The Free Venice Beachhead, Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, and Venice High School students in the New Media Academy have proposed a memorial marker to commemorate the local Japanese-Americans who were evacuated from the Venice area and interned for the duration of World War II, but they need your assistance in documenting the correct and exact location of this local pick-up site.

Please contact the Beachhead if you have any eyewitness information, written documentation or other photographic evidence!

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