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  • Project Censored Seeks Input from Families of Police Deaths – Peter Phillips
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  • Taking the Census in the middle of the night – Lisa Green

Neighborhood Council Election

Dear Beachhead,

As a 15-year resident of Venice, I’ve seen many changes in our community; and yet one thing remains constant – our collective and enduring passion for this community.  I witnessed this while attending ABC-7’s Venice Townhall meeting on Wednesday, March 24.  I’ve seen it during the past three weeks while walking throughout Venice and asking people questions like:  When you think of Venice, what comes to mind?  What do you love about it?  And, what would you do to improve it?  What are the issues that concern you?

I’ve met many great people; heard lots of ideas, suggestions and life stories; and, I’ve been honored that so many would stop and take the time to talk with me and share their perspectives.  Every time I meet another person, introduce myself, shake a hand and spend a few minutes talking, I’m reminded why I love this community, what makes it home and why I’ve chosen to run for Community Officer for the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC).

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the upcoming VNC election on Sunday, April 11, 2010, at the Oakwood Recreation Center (767 California Ave) from 10 am – 4 pm.  If you’re unfamiliar with the VNC, its mission is to preserve the quality of life in Venice.  It represents the interest of our diverse, rich community and does so by working with our elected officials on the LA City Council and other city departments.

The VNC represents an opportunity for us to impact local government, determine our destiny and communicate our vision.  If elected, I pledge to voice our community concerns about such issues as affordable housing, homelessness, safety and fair representation; and, advocate on the behalf of all our vested interests in the preservation, sustainability, diversity, beauty, charisma and soul that is Venice.  We’ve been given brief stewardship of this great community, and with that comes responsibilities.  As neighbor and resident, I’d like to represent our collective voice and address our community needs.
I welcome your input and invite you to join me online at either Cindy Chambers for VNC (Facebook Fan Page) or @ElectCindy (on Twitter).  I update both sites daily and encourage people to share information and discuss community issues.
Please join me on Sunday, April 11 and make your voice heard!  Let’s work together for the benefit of ourselves, our neighbors and Venice.  Together, we can do anything!

Remember this before you vote

We can all sink or we all float

‘Cause we’re all in the same big boat

One world is enough for all of us

– Sting (One World Not Three)

Vote Cindy Chambers for Community Officer!

Thank you for your support,

Cindy Chambers


Project Censored Seeks Input from Families of Police Deaths

The Investigative Sociology project at Sonoma State University (SSU) and Media Freedom Foundation are conducting a study on the commonalities of law enforcement related deaths in the United States.

We are seeking to  conduct telephone interviews with individuals in families of people who have died in a law enforcement related incident within the past twenty years.

Students from the spring 2010 SSU Investigative Sociology class will be conducting confidential one-hour interviews with family members in April. The purpose of the study is to evaluate support programs for families who have experienced such a tragedy, and the lowering of the overall number of law enforcement related deaths.

SSU professors supervising the study include: Peter Phillips, Sociology Department, Tryon Woods and Diana Grant in the Criminal Justice Department.

To arrange a confidential interview or refer a family contact—call or e-mail,  707-664-2588 peter.phillips@sonoma.edu

Peter Phillips


Stopping Wars With Education

Dear Beachhead,

Stopping wars is the noblest of goals, but most people say we cannot end war. Okay, maybe we will never end all wars, but can we at least stop the big international wars like the World War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq–the superwars which have killed so many millions?

Fraud has been used to start the superwars. No person of intelligence wants to be swindled.

I believe teachers could make a difference by exposing these frauds. The sons of the rich and the elite have to attend school and college. Our purpose should be to bring the light of truth into their learning about history and war. I want to offer support to any teachers willing to do so.

This 20-minute video HOW TO JUMP START YOUR WAR is a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars. America was involved in all of these, so the study is appropriate for United States history, a required subject in American high schools.

In my observation, films and videos promoting peace generally appeal only to the faithful. Most people of all political stripes do not like being defrauded, this animated and historical video exposes what might possibly be the four biggest frauds of the last hundred years. Please note that among the four rulers primarily responsible for those big wars, there was one fascist, one communist, one Democrat, and one Republican. War is an equal opportunity enterprise.

For a limited time, for the cause of peace, I am offering to send a free DVD of my video to any professor, instructor, or teacher to check out for possible use. Please send name, mailing address, school, and subject taught to alankentgorg@yahoo.com.

Thank-you for your consideration.

Alan Gorg www.venicevisionarymedia.net


Taking the Census

in the middle of the night

On the evening of March 30 I noticed a crew of Census workers gathered together around Rose Ave and Hampton.

Around 10:30 p.m. I parked on Rose Ave after witnessing Census workers walking 3rd Street. Right after I parked the crew was not far from my van. One of the ladies approached my vehicle with forms and indicated she was with the Census and asked if I would fill out the forms. I said, “It’s late to be bothering people about the Census, isn’t it? She said, “We’re contacting “campers” and it’s confidential.” I told her that I had also taken the Census test myself and understood the process but I’m a homeless advocate and believed that the Census workers shouldn’t be interacting with people at this time of night. Then I asked, “Why do you think I am homeless? I do not believe you should be profiling people. ”  She said, “We have a homeless advocate with us. ”

After she walked away, I followed in her direction towards the crew asking, “So who’s this homeless advocate? What’s the person’s name?” In my opinion the homeless advocates I know in the area would not be profiling people, especially late at night. A guy in the crew tells me the lady’s name, and points to her. The woman (name not provided to protect her rights even though she was short-sighted and ignorant in her own behavior), whom I’ve seen around Venice Boardwalk at times during the day, looks nervously at me as she attempts to justify why it is acceptable for her to be pointing out anyone that drives a van or might be living in a vehicle to Census enumerators.

I inform the Census crew that this lady is not a homeless advocate because advocates do not lead packs to vulnerable people living on the streets late at night, right? Then I continue to inquire of the Census crew, “Why are you bothering people late at night?” The guy says, “It’s what we are told to do.” That it’s easier to find people at night. I state that the homeless are humans and should not be awakened.   I encourage them to do outreach during the daylight.  Before I walk off I find out the name of the Crew Leader and office.

Still upset, and unwilling to leave this situation, I decide to go for a walk with my dog, Tiki, and figure out what to do next.  During my walk I find the lady that was the informant or snitch in a vehicle parked on 3rd Street with a lady that is thanking her for helping out. As I walked by I see what appears to be some kind of exchange between these ladies which makes me wonder if the lady received compensation for profiling people?

The woman from the Census that is speaking to the one that was profiling people, wasn’t in the crew I spoke to so I assume she was the Team Leader.  After her brief interaction with the woman profiling people the Census lady drives off. I decide to follow the profiler for a bit. I’m curious if she’s heading to another Census crew and my intuition was right as she drives directly to Oakwood Rec Center to find another crew.

I  head to an area not far from Oakwood Rec. Ctr. where free internet is accessible to send an email out about what I’ve witnessed to some other homeless advocates then I make a lap back around to Rose Ave and witness this assumed Census Team Leader with yet another crew walking down the sidewalk and the time is 12:17a.m. I make more notes then head off into the night to contemplate all of this behavior and what the next move should be to address the inappropriateness and ignorance of the Census crews actions.

This approach shows ignorance of the people in the crew by agreeing to do outreach late at night and by the Census Team Leaders and Management for not understanding that doing outreach late at night with people is disrespectful because non-housed and vehicular-housed individuals have the same rights as the people living in traditional houses.

I’ll be calling the Culver City Census Office today and I suggest others do the same to voice their concerns about how to treat the homeless.

What happened to treating others as you wish to be treated? Discriminatory and disrespectful behavior is not acceptable in. Love and compassion for every member of our community is the only way…….

–Lisa Green

State Assembly 2010 Candidate, 53rd District

Green Party of California,


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