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People have been asking – What’s it all mean? – forever, which is how long we’ve been around.

People who know, know. Those who don’t, turn on television.

I’m convinced we’re all essentially ecstatic. I also suspect God is feminine, and male, as well. Why not, God is Omni Everything. Being everywhere, She would have to be inside of us, forever,

So why are we killing each other? Killing is obviously non-productive and anti-life. God, if you’ll forgive the name-dropping, is Light + Love and is Endlessly, Creative and lives within us as the soul.

We are co-creators with the Supreme Being Creator. Exciting idea, is it not?

Beliefs directly and profoundly influence behavior.

Behavior, motivated by feeling, produces Karma. Karma is the Law and Cause and Effect – life unfolding.

I think it may be a good idea to accept God as a Benign Compassionate Endlessly Creative Mystery, if it’s not too much trouble for you, Humility, which arises from compassion, is another good idea, if you can work it out.

People tend to get caught up in time, place and causality, due to identifying with their personality. We shouldn’t be critical. We have our own problems, Karma and unhappy girl friends. C’est la vie!

Everyone, essentially, hungers for Peace. When you look around it’s hard to believe. Their unreal belief systems are making them nuts, and on top of that, they’re looking in the wrong direction; however, it being an illusion, it is just exposed when we awake.

So set your alarm for 2012; and sweet dreams in the meantime.

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