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Swami X Speaks

There is only one Absolute, to attempt to define. It is a form of insanity. Yes, of course, most everyone is insane. The author being no exception, however, I do know all public gatherings are sexually motivated and self-interestedly financed. Sex is the not answer, it’s the question. The answer is Yes — Yes,Yes,Yes if you’re really into it.

Everyone, whether they are conscious of it or not, is searching for Absolute Fulfillment. Big Business and Religions have been exploiting these people for eons and a day. And God bless them in their blindness to Light.

“Anyway,” as my friend used to say,”we’re only here for an day of eternity, enjoy yourself, and don’t get caught.” I really have no dog in this race,  so I’m just trying to make a little clever conversation to entertain you, ‘cause I love you.

Everyone loves everyone, however, many are confused inside with unadaptable belief systems, which results in anti-social behavior and murder in all the degrees. The truth, if I may, is that everyone and everything is essentially spirit, and inevitably returns to that Absolute Supreme Spirit, called by any name you wish. We are Co-creators with the Supreme Creator, until we become One with the Absolute Supreme Creator. We are all members of a divine play. The Hindus call it Maya. They should know something, they’ve been around for a long time.

And so, the only problem we really have is the challenge we face in getting to know and realize our essential, spiritual nature. Subjective meditation is the way. AUM is the Word and mantra.


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