Fun Things to do in Venice in the Summer

From the Beachhead Collective:


1. Set up my hammock on my front porch and snooze, read, snooze some more.
2. Wear less clothes! (makes hubby happy, too.)
3. Swim in the lovely & warm Pacific ocean (unfortunately wearing clothes).
4. Try out my new, beautiful blue hula hoop on the beach.
5. Check out Festival of the Chariots (I particularly enjoy the crazy christians with their big signs & dour faces who usually trail the colorful parade.)


1. People watching on OFW
2. Reading in the shade of a palm tree at the beach.
3. Sunsets at the beach with friends
4. BBQs
5. Watching 4th of July Fireworks from the beach


1. Playa de Los Amigos
2. Bike Posse to the Pier Concerts
3. Rooftop BBQ’s
4. Summertime produce at the Venice Farmer’s Market
5. Bomb Pops from the guy selling them on the beach and telling you to wear plenty of
sunscreen.  Festival of The Chariots (tie)


1. Outdoor parties

2. Enjoying the heat, and the fog.

3. Swimming in the great Pacific Ocean, well at least the Santa Monica Bay

4. Daylight until 9pm.

5. Finding a fellow Venetian among the tourists.


1. Run barefoot on the wet sand

2. Bike on the Venice pier

3. Volunteer for the Beachhead

4. Make art

5. Rollerblade on the boardwalk


1. Contemplative walks alone on the beach

2. Waking up early and walking to Abbot’s Habit

3. Laying on a beach blanket reading a favorite book

4. Wandering around the community before the sun sets

5. Watching sunsets


1. Go to the beach, stick feet in sand, squeesh sand between toes, repeat squeeshing

2. Bike ride to canals, hang out long enough to worry canal residents

3. Ibrahim’s Sunday Music Jam every Sunday Dudley & Ocean Front Walk

4. Flea Market at Venice High every second Saturday of the month

5. Watch Sunset at Skate Park


1. Walking on the beach

2. Looking at the latest babes

3. People to people contact

4. Love the breeze at 4 p.m.

5. Sunsets on Ocean Walk

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