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Homes With Wheels

Dear Beachhead,

The letter from Bill Rosendahl addressing the OPD issue that you published in your last issue calls for a few comments.

First, the people living in their vehicles are not “homeless;” rather, their homes have wheels.  The concern expressed in the letter doesn’t at all address the truly homeless – those living on the streets and sleeping in nooks and crannies where they are hopeful they won’t be harassed before morning.  The people exposed to the elements.  So, one wonders what the real issue being addressed is.

Second, the condescension with which these people are addressed in Rosendahl’s letter leaves much to be desired.  Many of them are in those vehicles because they have no other option, given the current economic and political situation.  They are not the totally dysfunctional people they come across as in the description proffered.  They could actually be considered quite enterprising in their attempts to deal with their less than ideal situation.  Instead, the plan to address their circumstances is couched in terms that make them seem unable to breathe on their own unless they have their hands held.  Perhaps it would be more useful to treat them as individuals instead of hapless victims who would not possibly help themselves or  think for themselves.

While there are people in the streets who do deserve assistance and aid, and who probably are not sufficiently functional, the OPD issue does not address them or their circumstances.

This brings me to a thought that might be worth some reflection. It might be more beneficial to everyone (and not only in Venice) if Mr. Rosendahl used his influence in city hall to address the wholesale corruption and venality that one can justly consider to be at the heart of the current unsatisfactory state of affairs which has led to the “homeless” problem – and many others as well. It might be very gratifying for everyone to see just how capable these people (and the unseen others on the receiving end of the corruption) are at constructively addressing their situation once they become convinced they are being dealt with justly and honestly.

Thank you. Therese Dietlin


City Doesn’t Care about Beach

Dear Beachhead,

Our monthly meeting was cancelled tonight, but since six people arrived we decided to have an informal meeting, anyway. A lively discussion of beach issues ensued and after nearly an hour some interesting observations were reached:

1. The lack of the city’s interest in Venice Beach as a priority, so that necessary changes or improvements are ignored or put off indefinitely.

2. Although the beach offers the widest variety of activities imaginable — Swimming, fishing, biking, surfing, skateboarding, roller-skating, jogging, hiking, shopping, dining, volleyball, basketball, handball, weight-lifting, exercising on equipment, tournaments, exhibits, contests, a children’s playground — one would never know it due to the lack of clean and repaired restrooms, sidewalks, and garbage cans —

this large array becomes a jumble since upkeep is neglected.

3. The lottery has created as many problems as it has solved. Instituted to fairly distribute limited vending space, it has led to people who have no interest in vending except selling their lottery tickets. Also, family members participate in the lottery, leaving single vendors with fewer chances.

4. Commercial vending, with its cheap imports, has largely replaced the artists and craftspeople that have to compete with two-dollar goods.

5. The last ordinance, that is both confusing and conflicting, needs to be changed for clarification, implementation and fairness to shops, vendors and the public.

The final conclusion was that nothing will change unless City Hall sees Venice Beach as a priority worthy of fair rulings and constant maintenance.

Sincerely, Annette Robinson

Recreation and Parks Board Member


Food Trucks

Dear Beachhead,

I own SliceTruck and I live in Venice. We were at First Friday once and that was in January. We were parked in front of The Other Room about three blocks from Abbot’s Pizza. We are currently the only pizza truck in L.A. County so it must have been us you were referring to. I’m sorry it disturbed you so much.

I’m wondering, do old-timey Mexican taco trucks not take business from Casalinda or whatever Mexican restaurant they might be parked near? Why would that be OK with you?

-David of Slice Truck

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  1. My “letter” was actually a comment on a different story. It would make more sense if you read the story I was commenting on.