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When you get to 84, the urgency to get laid dramatically diminishes. Not to suggest I no longer fully appreciate the  warmth, sensitivity, intelligence, wit, wiles and charm of a full-grown woman; I just don’t want to disappoint her.

I am still dedicated to discovering the bottom line to all the secrets of life and death,and everything in between, if you’ll forgive my arrogance. I have concluded SEX is a sacred ritual, ecstatically inspired and spiritually fulfilled. It has be demeaned, corrupted and exploited by dogmatic religions, and the madness continues. It may end soon. It can never be soon enough. I was too soon, a lot.

A lot of people are afraid of death because of a short attention span, and they’re not religious, except on Sundays. What we really have to learn to do is love ourselves. This is not easy in a Consumer Society, which is 98% of the world. We have to be inspired and learn to delve into and investigate ourselves.

Meditation is the key and foundation of spirituality, and the secret of real peace. Love is the answer, however, compassionate, absolute Love, our origin, sustenance and destiny. In the meantime, we shall find that cosmic love within ourselves, as the soul. Creation is God’s love story with Herself. Sounds egotistical, but it’s not. It’s a love story, and we are the Beloved.

If God is everywhere, Hell can’t be all that bad.

To be truly sane, one must be a little mad,

to be truly happy, one must sometimes be sad.

And regardless of how clever you may be,

sooner or later, everyone,

by Absolute Bliss, is had.

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