Vote NO on Prop. 14

By Lisa Green

While standing outside the gated entrance to Governor Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood estate with other activists with signs stating, “Vote NO on Prop 14” and “Stop Top Two” I began making a list of what makes Proposition 14 such a bad idea:

Do you want fewer choices on the ballot in terms of candidates?

Do you want even more emphasis on campaign contributions by big corporate power influencing candidates?

Do you wish to protect incumbents by improving their odds because of name recognition, regardless of effectiveness?

Do you want to increase the chances of having ONLY 2 candidates from the same party on the November ballot?

Of course not. The average voter I speak with wants qualified candidates that have the ability and the skills to address the problems, and offer effective, achievable solutions.

Vote NO on Proposition 14 on June 8. Washington and Louisiana have not improved the partisan nature of elections or elected officials. Instead, these laws have made it far more difficult to challenge incumbents or change the direction of government.

Proposition 14 would deny independent and third party candidates and politicians in this state a chance to be heard, while further polarizing our districts and limiting voter choice – all at increased costs to taxpayers and candidates.

Vote NO Prop 14 on June 8th. Tell Sacramento that it’s time for real solutions.

Lisa Green is a Green Party candidate for State Assembly.

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