What About The Judges?

What About The Judges?

By Jackie Goldberg

Office #35 – Soussan Bruguera
Office #73 – Laura A. Matz
Office #131 – Maren Nelson
Office #28 – Mark Ameli
Office #107 – Valeria Salkin;
Office #117 – Alan Schneider

Here is some commentary on all of these. These are NOT easy to figure out. So, in addition to my recommendations, I am including other information which may, or may not, cause you to vote differently than listed above.  Not a problem for me.  I just want you to have as much information as I could find.

The three incumbents, Bruguera, Matz and Nelson, are being challenged for no apparent reasons and deserve to be re-elected. If it makes a difference to you, I don’t know Judge Matz’s political party affiliation, but the other two are both endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Office #28: This is a crowded race with eight candidates, six of whom are rated “qualified” by the County Bar, two are rated “not qualified,” and none are rated “well qualified.”

Office #107: I’ve endorsed Valerie Salkin, as has the Stonewall Democratic Club. Salkin was the student rep on the ABA Board, actively championing LGBT issues (as a straight woman). Salkin is rated “qualified” by the Bar, but both of the other candidates are rated “Well Qualified.”  Tony de la Reyes has served on the Los Angeles City Police Commission, Civil Service Commission, and Cultural Affairs Commission and some endorse him as well.

Office #117: Alan Schneider is the only candidate rated “well qualified” and he has been endorsed by Stonewall.

Jackie Goldberg is a former progressive state Assemblymember and an education activist. b

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