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Compassion is accessible when we realize there are different levels of Consciousness embodied in the Absolute Cosmic Consciousness that is God. Everything is the manifestation of God. Every manifest creation is the outgoing breath of God. Every manifest creation is the outgoing breath of God. Every indrawn breath of God is the return of creation to the Absolute Perfection of God. Neat huh!?!

Hell is an illusory trick of the many priest crafts down thru the ages. Fear has kept as immortalized in irrelevant activity for ages. It is time to awake. Even though I’m still dozing, I hope so. The problem with hope is that it takes you into the future, which is an illusion. Politicians use it a lot. Anyone who knows, knows it’s all here and now.

It’s nice to know that the Supreme Creator, that Effulgent Reality, the one without a second, is Cosmic Consciousness, Creativity, Compassion, Endless Forgiveness, Understanding, Wisdom, Originality, Spontaneity, Bliss, and that we share Her nature, being and destiny.

We struggle and survive hoping to win

And hoping, before our demise, to find peace within

We must unfold Light and shine on sin

We are destined to realize we’ve always been

Everything that lives in our kin

Brother, can you spare a fin

No matter, God is ecstatically, creatively, compassionately everywhere

Here, there, whence and where

Aum and pray for all men

If God didn’t have a sense of humor, how do you

Explain Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Bill O’Reilly?    b

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