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Swami X Speaks

If God is perfect, and I’m not saying she isn’t, why would she have the need or desire to create, project, manifest a phenomenal, limited world. The only thing I can come up with is, this is the way she is. It’s her nature, the way She, and It, is. What else can I tell you? Let me meditate on It for a moment. God is, and has been, forever. A number of people don’t have the attention span to appreciate this truth and reality, and that’s where meditation makes its entrance. There never was a beginning, nor will there ever be an end to God, and you are that God. This is the highest philosophy. Thou art that. Tat tvam asi. It is our spiritual destiny to realize that, It being our essential nature of Light Life and Love, Truth, Good and Beauty, Consciousness, Existence, Bliss Absolute. Our individuality is sustained and perfected in Consciousness Existence Bliss Absolute. Rejoice and buy me a drink.

The finite is embraced by the Infinite, if you’ll forgive my language. We all can’t be born again. Blessed if we can find work that almost makes the rent. God bless everybody. God is everywhere, in everything and everyone, forever, so rejoice by buying me another drink.

I’m feeling pretty good right about NOW. Every moment is a doorway to eternity; if you don’t mind me waxing mystical. After all, I am a Sagittarius, most of the time. We Sagittarians tend to be fond of everyone, even if they are distant, indistinct and dense. We enjoy travel and exotic women in the Bohemian part of town. We like to win when we gamble. A lot! We don’t like to get caught cheating, however. We only resort to scamming when we are desperately hungry and ready for a Big Mac. Occasionally, we are honest, noble, charming, charismatic and obstreperous at intimate parties.

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