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In my own humble way I have concluded that God, Life, Existence is an eternal mystery that inspires the soul to solve, absolutely; because they are One. You may find me mystically presumptuous, while I find you philosophically retarded. Welcome to the ladder of spiritual evolution. We’re all on one rung or another, looking forward to ascension.

Obviously we’re distracted by 10,000 things, when in truth, there is only One Reality, and meditation has surfaced. Without meditation there is no spiritual life. The mind must be stilled for authentic meditation. Meditation is the foundation of spiritual life. I hope you understand this. I’ll keep bringing it up ‘til you do. So what do you want to discuss now, Death???

That’s a good one. It’s an illusion, end of discussion. Reincarnation is the key and bottom line to the question of so called death. People (you) are too identified with their bodies, and here comes the ego. Of course, the ego is another illusion, a painful illusion, indeed. And it seems to be everywhere; or am I just projecting, a little bit. Maybe, a whole lot.

Personally, I am convinced it goes on forever, and climaxes in periodic fulfillments of Absolute Ecstasies. Hell is another illusion for the brainwashed. If you sum up all the speculation, discussion, analyses and messages from on high it all reduces to one obvious realization that it is all God, manifest and womanifest, forever. People who don’t believe in God, don’t believe or know themselves. Getting to know oneself takes lifetimes, and it’s still a formidable challenge, and that’s why you rarely run into a Zen Master at the local pub. Sustainable serene satisfaction only flows from the subjective realm.

We over think ourselves into chaos, confusion and conflict. The heart and mind must unite in the soul, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, don’t worry about it, you have eternity to figure it out.  Peace.

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