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Writers just think on paper, and get paid for it, often turning them into literary pimps. It’s difficult maintaining integrity in a world oppressed by sex, money and power, however, it was easy for me. I didn’t write for the money, sex is just a memory now, and I know power for the illusion it is. I’m home free, and there is nobody here but me. I made it, Mom, top of the world.

Of course, we’re all crazy. The trick is to find someone less crazy than you, and discover their secret. It’s not easy, unless you’re totally nuts. I might qualify. I also feel we are all potentially enlightened. How’s that grab you? Absolute bliss excites me!

Seriously, I feel we take ourselves too seriously. Having lots of money will do that. Almost anything can do it. It’s a disease. A sense of humor will heal it. That’s why we love our master comedians.

One shouldn’t feel fearful or sad over the experience of death. It’s just a move to another mansion in God’s Cosmic Condo.

Some fear makes sense, most fears are neurotic and a drag. Meditation is a natural way to transcend all fear.

If I may, the nature of God may be Cosmic Consciousness, Never Ending Ecstatic Positive Creativity, Blissful Compassion and a Great Sense of Humor. I could be wrong. What the hell, I have eternity to figure her out.

I’m looking forward to 2013, eternity and multiple orgasms in an upcoming incarnation. Cheers!!

We are spirits, having a human experience, for our spiritual enfoldment, back to perfection and profounder love and understanding.

Happiness is a choice, decision and determination to be worthy of Joy.

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