Jim Smith

Tired of the same old thing from the Republicans, and the Democrats?

You do have more choices, even it the mass media won’t tell you about them.

There are six ballot-qualified parties in California.

Two are to the right of the Republicans: the Libertarians and the American Independent Party.

Two are to the left of the Democrats: the Greens and the Peace and Freedom Party. You are allowed to vote for their candidates as follows:

For Governor:

Carlos Alvarez (Peace & Freedom)

Chelene Nightingale (Amer. Ind.)

Dale Ogen (Libertarian)

Laura Wells (Green)

For U.S. Senator:

Marsha Feinland (Peace & Freedom)

Gail Lightfoot (Libertarian)

Edward Noonan (Amer. Ind.)

Duane Roberts (Green)


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