Election: Propositions, Where to Vote

Prop 19 – Legalize Marijuana    YES

End prohibition. It didn’t work with whiskey, and the herb is a less dangerous drug than alcohol.


Prop 20 –

Congressional Redistricting    YES

Creates multi-partisan commission to draw new boundaries of congressional districts. Prevents one party from dominating process.


Prop. 21 –

Vehicle License Fee                  YES

Fee to be used for state parks and wildlife programs. Seems only fair since car pollution is helping destroy the environment.  Bonus – Vehicles that have paid fee get in state parks for free.


Prop. 22 –

Transportation and Local

Government Funding                 NO

The state shouldn’t be tampering with local funding. On the other hand, even more important programs could be cut if the state cannot tap these funds.


Prop. 23 – Suspends Air

Pollution Control Laws               NO

This isn’t something to help workers or create more jobs. It is funded by the big Texas oil companies for their own self interest.


Prop. 24 – Repeals

Corporate Tax Breaks               YES

Corporations should pay their fair share. If they don’t pay, we pay.


Prop. 25 – Majority Vote

on State Budgets                       YES

The legislative battles to win a two-thirds majority in order to pass a budget are legendary. These needless budget battles cause a hardship for thousands of poor people and state employees.


Prop. 26 – Two-Thirds Vote

on Fees                                        NO

A corporate tax loophole in the making. Don’t fall for it.


Prop. 27 – Repeals

Redistricting Commission         NO

Politicians trying to grab control back so they can continue in office without opposition until termed out.


Where to Vote:

Check www.lavote.net

Or go to a Venice polling place: Broadway School; Venice Methodist Church; Westside Leadership School; Lifeguard Headquarters; Westminster School; New Bethel Baptist Church; Mark Twain School; Coeur d’Alene School.



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