Coastal Commission Body Slams City

By John Davis

The same City Attorney that chastised the Coastal Commission and accused it of nefarious
misdeeds just faced them, begging them for approval of what City Councilman Bill Rosendadhl  (CD11)
wanted: private beach parking for Playa del Rey residents and their guests. Who would not want their property value to sky rocket with said approval?

The City Attorney started a long diatribe on the first amendment, like a seasoned tea bagger, nobody listened. He indicated the residents wanted four hundred parking places and the public could have twenty. He indicated that fishermen would not mind walking an extra half mile. He forgot about the elderly and disabled people though. City Attorney Sato said the beach is unattractive and nobody wants to use it, therefore nobody else but residents need parking.

Residents from PDR characterized everyone who parked near the lagoon at night as needle-using, drug- using gangbangers who had automobile orgies, pooped on the rocks, and littered their neighborhood with fish, murdering each other before they left and then ending the celebration by pissing on their flowers.

I testified that approval would discriminate against people, just as whites only drinking fountains once did, and that it would run contrary to Brown vs. Board of Education, which ruled that we are all equal and nobody is superior or inferior. Approval would create a class of demigods which would rule the beach. Bill knows better. He understands parking in West LA is not the same as parking in the Coastal Zone. People are attracted by the beach.

Questions as to why the City did not provide onsite parking came up. Why not unlock the parking lot next door?

Commissioner Sanchez stated she used to go fishing with her family at night and approval might limit access to families with children.

Another Commissioner wondered what about the other 35 million people who pay for the parking and access. Why should they be denied access to the sea?

David Ewing testified that no CEQA study had been done and the traffic study was not CEQA.

Linda Lucks informed the commission that she lived near the beach and has long accepted the fact that visitors come to the beach at night and showed a great spirit of love and tolerance.

In the end, the pathetic City Attorney had no real rebuttal and only jabbered like a turkey on the block. The full weight of the Commission then crashed down on the City Attorney like thundering surf and the ruling was unanimous against the City. Bill Roosendaal’s crazy scheme to shut the public out of Play del Rey for his own private barbecues failed.  The beach belongs to all of us, not just Bills buddies in PDR.