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I seriously believe America’s main addiction is entertainment. It may be true that all public gatherings are motivated by a dearth of sexual fulfillment.  All the priest crafts have utilized fear and manipulated sex to control and bind us. God bless and awaken them, too.

The greatest entertainment is getting to really know one’s self, as that unfolds to the realization of one’s cosmic self. We are spirits having a human experience. Our essential nature is thought, will, and love; embraced, sustained and perfected in the Consciousness Existence Bliss Absolute, which is God. I said it and I’m glad.

If God is Absolute Bliss and She lives within us, it must be perfectly alright for us to enjoy ourselves, without any guilt. Of course, if you are addicted to the guilt, or any other negativity, please don’t let me intrude on your inner life, enjoy yourself. It’s between you and God, so to speak. People who deny God are just attempting to get her attention. How can one ignore existence? It’s a trick the ego has figured out with the very intelligence that is God. Go figure!

The illusion of separation is the ego. All negativity stems from the ego. We create the ego and we have the power to expose and eliminate it. Always see Good, because God is Good with nothing missing.

Real daily meditation is the key and foundation to genuine spiritual life. All the great souls did it, and inspired us to do the same, so get on board, Pilgrim, it’s going to get bumpy.

Always remember life is a journey from, in and to the Supreme Spirit, and you are loved and cared for by the universe. It goes on forever, which makes you immortal.  b


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