A House Is Not Always a Home; And a Home Isn’t Necessarily a House – Peter M. Lonnies
• Happy Anniversary – Lance Diskan
• Donation – Mark Kleiman
• Drumcircle is a temple not a nightclub – Dusty P. Greenhaus


A House Is Not Always a Home
And a Home Isn’t Necessarily a House

Dear Beachhead,

This is the time of year when a lot of people formulate New Year’s resolutions to hopefully improve the quality of their lives. May I recommend to them to spend a little energy on creating solutions rather than complaining about the problems endlessly.

The issue of the “homeless” is certainly a piece of work that needs help from all directions, but what seems to be completely misunderstood are the “houseless.” These people are the gypsies, nomads, and road people who live in vans, buses, and motorhomes. They don’t want or need houses. They certainly would appreciate a space where they can be. To provide parking with a bathroom is by far cheaper than “low-income” housing.

I must point out to the Venice newcomers, that have used the LAPD in recent times to get rid of the majority of the vehicle dwellers, that they have grossly violated humanity by sweeping this segment of society under the carpet. By towing their motorhomes, etc., the LAPD has made the “houseless” now also homeless. The motorhome manufacturers should be aghast at the Venice gentrifying folk for denying the full intended use of the house on wheels, including sleeping in it.

Needless to say, some of the road people violated the rules of vehicular living by trashing their surroundings, but surely no one throws all the apples out because of a few rotten ones.

To clarify my position, I must state that I am a 30-year property owner in Venice and the owner of a converted school bus, which I live in while on the road.

Peter M. Lonnies


Happy Anniversary

Dear Beachhead,

I arrived in Venice on Thanksgiving Eve 1968. The Beachhead was founded six days later. We’ve now spent more than four decades together – and it’s been a joy.

Congratulations to the current Collective for carrying on such a splendid tradition.

Lance Diskan
Venice Forever



Dear Beachhead

I was out of town and just saw the lovely September issue with Ian Dean’s great, heartfelt cry.

As moved as I was by Ian’s essay, I was appalled to read that we seem to have a home-grown Brownshirt,

John Betz, who is trying to bully Beachhead advertisers into dropping their support for the Beachead.

The answer to speech you don’t like is MORE SPEECH — and not a campaign of fear and suppression that Herr Betz is initiating.

The Beachhead was right to encourage Herr Betz to start his own paper instead of bagging on ours.

In honor of Herr Betz’s attack on our much-loved rag, I am sending you another $150, and asking that the donor be listed as the John Betz Free Speech Fund.

In solidarity,

Mark Kleiman


Drumcircle is a temple not a nightclub

Dear Beachhead,

I joined this drumcircle near the beginning, some fifteen years ago. It was started by Randy Banks after the January 17 1994 earthquake.

If you come to the drumcircle you should believe that it is like a temple and exhibit behavior accordingly, which does not include drinking liquor, harassing female dancers, or any other aggressive behavior. There are presently very few people left that can attest to the beautiful vibrations of especially the first five years, so it is most important to contemplate the meaning of the drumcircle being more a temple than a nightclub. Thank you.

Dusty P. Greenhaus



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