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Our understanding of God influences our essential behaviour at the profoundest level. We don’t know God because we don’t know ourselves. Know thyself, who is God. Not to get religious, or anything like that. Let us just relate to reality. God is reality, both Absolute and relative. God is beyond the mind. Gos is Love beyond mental concepts, God is the Great Spirit. We are spirits and God is Absolute Bliss. God is the Origin, Sustenance and goal of mankind. There’s no evasion or escape from spiritual unfoldment, realization and perfection; so relax and enjoy yourself.

Of course, you must meditate every day, for the inner strength to maintain your spiritual life. Life is basically a spiritual experience, if you have the consciousness to perceive it as such. Obviously, most of us are only semi-conscious, but still conscious. God is Existence and most of us are feeling pretty good about existing, even if they aren’t Donald Trump; and they wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless ‘the Donald.” God is Love and the mystery of Love is still a mystery to most of us, however, we can’t resist experimenting and checking in with Jerry Springer.

We have been living for an eternity, however, our memory isn’t all that good. We are brilliant, but brainwashed. We are talented and psychotically neurotic, however, we are also immortal souls, spiritually qualified to realize Absolute Bliss. God resides and waits eternally within us for our at-one-ment with Her. Not to wax erotically mystical, or anything like that, nevertheless, the real handwriting is always realized between the lines.

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