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Practicing the Presence of God

Our mind is a door to the Divine. Our beliefs build or hamper our life and its expression. God is Conscious, Existence, Bliss, Absolute. We are intelligence, will and love eternal. God lives in us and we live in God, forever. The mind can be a door to greater awareness and understanding or the obstacle of ego-producing selfishness and sorrow.

The choice is ours. Choosing positive, more universal and compassionate alternatives is the essence of free will. The mind must be observed, trained and guided into the Light that is God. God is Light, Life and Love: Omni-Everything.

Of course, the ego will attempt to escape and avoid ineluctable enlightenment. It is no contest. Don’t make a false bet. Some people bum rap the ego failing to recognize its significance in the cosmic realm of things. The ego is an experience toward greater awareness, understanding and compassion because its ignorance leads to sorrow and a hunger for joy and understanding. The creation of the physical plane of consciousness made the ego inevitable and essential. Remember, in your Father’s House there are many mansions. Life is a divine ladder back to God’s perfection.

Prayer is essential, vital, instinctual, and natural in spiritual aspiration and unfoldment. Prayer is made up of aspiration, honesty, awareness, inspiration, faith, courage, patience, love, compassion, vision, idealism and realization. Prayer is an intimate conversation with the Self, that is God. Prayer is asking for it. Meditation is waiting for it, with grace.  Pray as if it were yours, because it is. Prayer is a love letter, to and from God.


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