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I think people think too much and take it too seriously. Not that I can’t enjoy a substantially vibrant joke with tits in it. Just watching your thoughts without getting personally involved is a healthy exercise. Generally, I feel agnostics have an edge on the rest of us but then again I am convinced everything is a manifestation of the Supreme O Wow. When you’re feeling good it’s easy to be philosophically accepting of everything; even terrorists and/or Republicans.

I believe in democracy, no matter whose in charge and is making all the money. The bottom line is Absolute Bliss, a third of the Supreme O Wow, the other two-thirds being Cosmic Consciousness and Eternal Existence. Winning a billion bucks at Bingo couldn’t make it any better. Of course, there are problems, challenges, heart and headaches; soul grows and unfolds, living Life.

It is not a big mystery why God is male, since our religions have been controlled by male priestcraft for generations, God bless us. It is now a significant time for the feminine aspect of the Godhead to manifest and be realized. In Hinduism, an early search for Brahman, a.k.a. God, there are more goddesses than gods. The feminine aspect of God is – the tender love, universal compassion, spirited sustenance, endless forgiveness, deathless creativity, never-ending understanding. God is both male and female and Beyond, and manifests one or the other more powerfully at different periods of spiritual unfoldment. 2012 ushers in a time of spiritual enlightenment and equality, if you’ll forgive my language.

Life is a mystical adventure originating in, sustained by and fulfilled in One Supreme Spirit. Tat twam asi. – Thou art That.


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  1. Dude, you do still exist! Years back, I saw you at UCLA … cracking jokes during the anti-war movement about how everything would be fine if the Nixons could get it on. Man, I would love to find a collection of your best material. Ever do a book? On a more serious note, what was your consciousness breakthrough? And how come you’re kind of alone in saying enlightenment ain’t against sexual freedom? Lots of phonies thinking gotta knock sex to be taken seriously? Contact me at pmucha3 @ gmail dot com.