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High Clues

Every moment is free, creative, ecstatic in eternity

Be wise and cherish the treasures in your memory

Eternity is a state of consciousness and every moment is blessed

Some lamb chops are bigger than others, however,

they are all the best.


All there is    is     NOW

So why am I concerned with where, when and how

Enough to know the latest name for God is O Wow

Know ye not that ye are Gods, so why not take a bow


If God is eternally everywhere, She would have to be inside

of me and you

Don’t mind me, I’m just attempting to uncover that which

is endlessly true

The Sun bestows Light Life and Love; and a spirituality

that is ever new

The possibility for real, genuine democracy is now

in the spirit that inspired the red, white and blue


To suggest that someone has no sense of humor is akin to

accusing them of being Unamerican, whatever the hell that might mean.

A valid, relevant sense of humor is founded on a well

informed intellect, a compassionate love for life and people and a

gentle philosophy which unfolds a suspense of judgment,

greater understanding and deeper awareness for the mystery and

magic of life.


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  1. Oh wow! The wonders of this internet age. I am amazed and delighted to find that you are still kicking. I hypothesize that they may not want you in Heaven. Never realized that God was so easily intimidated. Nonetheless, I thank you for my lifelong commitment to Tantra. And I am delighted to be able to read your poetry. Perhaps we will meet again. Luuv Ron Grubaugh