The Race Is On – For Congress

Eighteen candidates are running to replace Jane Harman as our Congressional Representative. Their political positions range from the Left to the Right, and far Right. Many of them will be sending you slick mailers every day between now and election day on May 17.

If no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, which looks likely, the top two vote getters will go for another round to determine the final winner.

A candidates’ forum is planned by the Venice Neighborhood Council April 27th. 6:30 at Westminster Elementary.


Three of the candidates list a Venice mailing address. They are:

MICHAEL T. CHAMNESS, a Non-Profit Consultant who works at UCLA. Chamness is suing the Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, who is also running for this seat. Chamness objects to being identified as “No Party” when he is a member of the Coffee Party.

STEVE COLLETT is a Certified Public Accountant on Abbot Kinney Blvd. He is a Libertarian and is campaigning to legalize marijuana.

MARIA E. MONTANO is a Public School Teacher who teaches at Westchester High School. She immigrated from Mexico with her family and grew up in Venice. She is a Doctor of Education and the only Latina among the 18 candidates. She is also the only Peace and Freedom candidate.


Other candidates who have a relationship with Venice included:

DANIEL H. ADLER, a Parent/Entrepreneur/Producer who lists his address as Marina del Rey (but it’s really Venice). He is a Democrat.

DEBRA BOWEN is the current California Secretary of State who lives in the Oxford Triangle but is using a Torrance address in the campaign. She is a Democrat.

STEPHEN EISELE, a Businessman/Aerospace Entrepreneur, from the Marina is a Republican.

MATTHEW ROOZEE is listed as a Business Executive/Mathematician from the Marina. He has “No Party.”

JAMES L. THOMPSON calls himself Retired and is another “No Party” candidate from Mar Vista.

MARCY WINOGRAD is a High School Teacher whose office is in the Marina. She is a Democrat who ran against Jane Harman in 2006 and 2010,


Candidates from the South Bay, which is the other part of the district include:

PATRICK “KIT” BOBKO, an Independent Businessman/Councilmember in Hermosa Beach. He is a Republican.

MIKE GIN is the Mayor, City of Redondo Beach and a Republican.

JANICE HAHN is a Los Angeles City Councilwoman who has her office in Torrance. She is a Democrat.

CRAIG HUEY, a Small Business Owner, from Rolling Hills Estates is a Republican. He is rumored to be prepared to spend $1 million in the campaign.

GEORGE NEWBERRY is a Businessman from San Pedro, and a Republican.

KATHERINE PILOT is a Longshore Office Clerk from Hermosa Beach. She is a “No Party” candidate.

AL SALEHI lists himself as a Governing Boardmember/Entrepreneur from San Pedro. He is also “No Party.”

MIKE WEBB is the City Attorney/Prosecutor in Redondo Beach and also a Republican.

Congressional races have no residency requirement. That’s why LORAINE GOODWIN a Physician/Arbitrator/Teacher from Madera in the San Joachin Valley can run. She is a Democrat.

The front runners in the race will probably be Democrats Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn and Marcy Winograd, all of who have name recognition. Peace and Freedom candidate Maria Montaño may be a surprise vote getter as the only Latina and Spanish Surnamed candidate and by virtue of her professional credentials. Republicans Mike Gin, Craig Huey, and Mike Webb will be vying with each other to be the leading Republican vote getter in anticipation of redistricting which may split the district north and south, making the South Bay district more friendly to Republicans.

If you have internet access, go to http://bit.ly/dRr10C to see the list of candidates and their websites where they will tell you why you should vote for them.


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