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Westminster and Charter Schools

Dear Beachhead,

As the presenter of the motion concerning Westminster Elementary School and its resources, I would like to make clear that this was in no way a referendum on charter schools and certainly not about Green Dot. It was solely about what parents and teachers thought best for their students at Westminster. At neither the Education Committee of the VNC nor the VNC meeting did I ever express any opinion about Green Dot’s qualifications to educate children. Their record speaks for itself. In fact, many parents at Westminster signed the petition to bring a Green Dot Middle school to Venice. They were surprised to learn that their elementary school might be the site for the school.

This was about giving a neighborhood school every chance to excel, especially a neighborhood school that has shown consistent improvement. I questioned the right of LAUSD to take away these same resources, the rooms for math, art, music and the library and the Parent Center, that are imperative for that success.

Teachers have enough to do with their responsibility to give these students the best education; they should neither be jeopardized to do that nor should they have to fight for that right. As a volunteer at Westminster and active in the Venice community, I felt that a resolution from the neighborhood council might help the school in protecting its resources. Nowhere does that motion disparage an organization that in its way is serving the Los Angeles student population with a distinct and successful voice.

Sue Kaplan


Swami X

Dear Beachhead,

Oh wow! The wonders of this internet age. I am amazed and delighted to find that you are still kicking. I hypothesize that they may not want you in Heaven. Never realized that God was so easily intimidated. Nonetheless, I thank you for my lifelong commitment to Tantra. And I am delighted to be able to read your poetry.  Perhaps we will meet again.

Luv   Ron Grubaugh

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