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God is Truth, Good, Beauty, Light, Life, Love and a Mystery. She is also Everywhere and Omni Everything. All our problems and challenges have their origin in the ego. The ego is the “false little I” who knows everything and “can’t really explain anything.” The ego itself isn’t bad, just awkward and inconvenient. Embarrassing, really. Most everyone has some ego, more or less. Not worth discussing when you reflect on all the great people and events that are happening right now. When people unfold peace within themselves and give expression to it in their daily lives, war will be history and a dying memory. Having a good time without hurting anyone and not getting caught is wise and spiritual and may someday be a religion. In the meantime we are beset by the 2 party system, propaganda impersonating the News and violence disguised as frustrated sexuality. We are living in profoundly changing times. We are evolving in love, creativity and spirituality. Believe it or not It is here now.

You are a creator with every thought and feeling of your being. Know ye not ye are God. It is time to get serious and still have your spirit hold a joyous smile. Life has its origin, sustenance and perfection in the Supreme Spirit. You are that. What more can I say? Your destiny is in Divinity.

God is Love and so are you; so now what in the hell are you going to do? God goes on forever and lives creatively in everything that is true. You are a Library Card for everything that exists. Joyous creative unfoldment into Absolute Bliss is why you eternally exist.

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