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Book Review by Kathy Leonardo: “The New Now” by Ava Bird

Poetry….some say it’s the highest of art forms….others consider it a bunch of nonsense. Whatever you believe, if it moves you, it has done its job.

Very much like an artist’s canvas, once the paint dries, the end result speaks to each person differently in a silent visual expression.

The book, The New Now is an exploration of the Feminine. This compelling, yet sensitive book of poetry and prose will not only shock you, but also tempt you to lament for the unspoken voice that rises up within you.

A true feminist, Ava Bird not only struts her feathers, but bears her red-feathered breast to all. While her prose consists of honesty flavored with cries of injustice, the language used is not for the weak-hearted. Ava Bird’s targeted rants are obsessed with blatant Feminism, while allowing shadows of vulnerability (mixed with rage) to flicker throughout.

As you follow the path, you are carried off to the absurd, twisted with humor. At the same time, you witness tinges of sadness. Ava Bird scoffs at the man-made system set before us to follow. However, we are left smirking from her amusing observations of sexism and the decay of society.

Like an abstract painting, Ava Bird takes you to the extreme, yet surprises you with her quirky sense of humor. A wonderful piece of work, Ava Bird revels in her own femininity and encourages all women to do the same. It’s a beautiful book and definitely worth the read. Stimulate your senses and awaken your goddess!

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