4 O’Clock in the Morning

Dear Beachhead,

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Roger Linnett, and The Beachhead, for your article “4 O’Clock in the Morning.” I wish I had written it myself. As you may or may not know I led an astronomy campout around the spring and fall equinoxes for over 25 years, usually in Joshua Tree National Park. The core group were old Beachhead staffers (Emily Winters, Olga Palo, Arnold Springer, Moe Stavnezer, et al). I have three telescopes, all somewhat the worse for wear, and still go out to view from time-to-time.

I should have written earlier and thanked you for your article on Henrietta Leavitt. I gave one of my granddaughters George Johnson’s biography of Leavitt, and have long been an admirer of hers and other women in astronomy.

Keep up the good work!

Chuck Bloomquist


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