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Urges Letter Writing Campaign Opposing Blue Bus Cutback

Dear Beachhead,

We have an upcoming problem with the # 2 Blue Bus which runs from Windward Circle to Abbot Kinney, up California  to the Vera Davis Center, the Oakwood Recreation Center, Ralph’s and Rite-Aid, Mark Twain Middle School and Venice High School.

Sometime in August they are eliminating the #2 bus. They will run the # 1 bus  from Windward Circle up to Walgrove Avenue on a 20 minute frequency during peak periods only. Peak periods are 6:30 – 9:30 AM and 3:30 – 5:30 pm. Outside of those hours, the bus will only run every half hour.

Many economically-disadvantaged people live in this neighborhood, people who do not have cars. They are dependent on the #2 bus to get them to jobs, school and doctors.

Waiting a half hour will be a burden on those who don’t work normal hours, waiting a half hour will be a burden to seniors going to their doctors in Santa Monica. Waiting a half hour is potential trouble for a middle school student looking for diversion.  Waiting a half hour with your toddlers in hand is a burden. Going to the bank or grocery store or pharmacy becomes a burden when you have to wait so long.

In a few years ridership will go down, and then they will justify eliminating the Venice route altogether.

We need a letter-writing campaign to restore  service at minimal 20 minute intervals during the day, all day. This still requires waiting, but is more doable. And while we are at it, we need to ask for benches.  There are NO BENCHES at the Windward Circle. Waiting a half hour without a place to sit is onerous.
Please write your letter or call the following people

Richard Bloom, Mayor of Santa Monica
1685 Main St, Room 209, Santa Monica 90401
310-458-8201 council@smgov.net

Joe Stitcher,  Assistant Director
Santa Monica Big Bus
1660-7th St, Santa Monica  90491
310-458-1975 ext 5823 joe.stitcher@smgov.net

Councilman Bill Rosendahl
7166 W. Manchester Ave., Westchester, 90045
310-568-3946 bill.rosendahl@lacity.org

Laurel Rosen, President
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
1234 6th St #100, Santa Monica 90401

Carolyn Rios

Commission of Errors


Dear Beachhead,

Thanks to the newspaper for running the article I submitted last month, entitled Commission of Errors. The Commission did make one error, it did not provide a record that Councilman Bill Rosendhal filed a conflict of interest statement when requested.

The Commission later contacted me to provide a record that Rosendahl’s statement was filed.

John Davis


Clarification from Boston Dawna

Beachhead and Miss Kennedy,

Your facts are wrong. The beachhead has printed lies about me.

Yes, I did neighborhood watch for almost 40 years and bought my police scanner myself. Yes, I was at the dumping site. It was right under my bedroom window.  Miss Thompson was NOT there. They plead guilty.

We may not see eye to eye on certain issues but I would NEVER do anything to hurt anyone.

As for any connection between Alex Thompson and myself there is NONE. We met about a month before I left Venice. Not only do I have no affiliation with her, I don’t approve of what she has done in Venice or continues to do.

I have NOTHING to do with MISS THOMPSON or Miss Thompson’s web site Venice311.org. I never have and never will. Check your facts and print a retraction and an apology or we will settle this in a courtroom.

Thank you

Boston Dawna aka Dawna Chaet



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