The 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Homeless Laws

By Peggy Lee Kennedy

The National Coalition for the Homeless offered a preview of their upcoming report on the criminalization of homelessness by choosing the top ten most ridiculous anti-homeless policies enacted in cities across America.

During the term of an alleged progressive City Council person, the National Coalition for the Homeless has now rated our beloved Venice in the top ten ridiculous laws and actions that ignore human and constitutional rights:

RV Sleeping Ban – Venice, California

“In 2010, Venice CA began strict enforcement of an ordinance banning sleeping in RV’s. This action is reportedly due to resident claims of annoyance from noise and inconvenience from the bulky vehicles. But many homeless [people] live in RV’s, and they need to be close to the city so they can access services. Not allowing them to park and sleep in the city makes getting help all the more difficult. The ordinance was enacted due to reports of some RV owners dumping their sewage in public, but this ban punishes Venice’s homeless who have to choose between living either in their RV or on the streets. This homeless population is assuredly much larger than a couple of bad apples who do not care where their waste ends up.”

The complete article is at  http://bit.ly/q1P5Ls

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