In Memory of Jane Elliot

By Diane Butler

We lost one of our finest women Venetians this summer, although when you see her husband soulmate, Alex, you glimpse the twinkle of her eyes in the magical twinkle of his eyes. The last years of her life were spent having romantic morning breakfasts at the Fig Tree Café, and handholding walks to the ocean. They flashed their beautiful smiles and Jane gave her famous thumbs up sign to passers-by. They were true examples of living life in the moment.

Jane reached out and encouraged many people to find the best in themselves. I know, I was one of those people whose life changed for the better by knowing her. It was wise to listen to her pearls of wisdom, which she gave freely to people. Jane told Ibrahim that she envisioned a new renaissance of the arts in Venice and encouraged artists to hang in there. She had the true vision for the Spirit of Venice.

One of my fondest memories is of Jane writing a tribute to King Sonny Zorro when he died. She didn’t know him intimately, but she was touched by everyone’s love for him. She went to great lengths to learn about him from those who were close to him. An accomplished author, she captured his spirit with her words. She joined a small group of women who laughed and cried at a small ceremony by the ocean, where we set his dreadlocks to sea. She knew Sonny’s spirit in the end.

Every time I see a silver-headed couple walking hand in hand to the ocean, I’ll think of Jane and Alex, for this is the kind of Love we are all looking for. We are so glad that Alex rests in the comfort of their beautiful family. Jane was an accomplished artist and author of several books. Jane will forever be part of the Spirit of Venice.

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