Human Rights/Constitution

Where’s the Movement? – Two Views on the Occupy Movement

By Bill Mitchell

I see no real anti-war movement in the US.  Only more wars of aggression, now invading with intent to occupy all of Africa in the name on human rights protection.  President Barack Obama has been getting away with mass murder as the aggressor.  All while using the transparently bogus pretext of 9/11.

A “peace” symbol here and  there, is not confronting the illegitimacy of “The War on Terror’ as we must state loud and clear, that 9/11 was a false-flag psychological warfare operation mirroring ‘Operation Northwoods’ designed by the pentagon as a pretext to invade Cuba in 1962.

In 1967 Israel not only attacked Egypt, Syria, and Jordan; it attacked the United States as a false flag provocation to get the US under President Johnson to drop two hydrogen bombs on Egypt. The was a US-Israel conspiracy that is documented in the BBC video: Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty:

Add this “smoking-gun” expose’ by Webster Tarpley interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner on KPFA on “The 46 Exercises and Drills of 9/11”

Taken all together Operation Northwoods and the attack on the USS Liberty establishes the depravity of mind in the former and depth of treachery in the latter. They also are proof of a modus operendi, that leads to 9/11 as updated Operation Northwoods and the co-conspiracy to to murder Americans as a pretext for what are in truth, wars of aggression, prohibited by ‘The Nuremberg Principles; and the “The 46 Exercises and Drills of 9/11” together with the credibility or lack therefore of the federal government, the US military high command, and complicity of the mass media, and you have impetus and confidence for 9/11 and got it!

Nuremberg Principle VI:

The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:

(a) Crimes against peace:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;

(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i)……’

9/11 was a crime against peace, leading to crimes against humanity and war crimes brought about in a

‘In a single conspiracy in which each person is responsible for a distinct act within the  overall plan such as an agreement to produce, import, and distribute narcotics in which each person  performs only one function.  All participants are interested in the overall scheme and liable for all  the other participants acts in furtherance of that scheme.’

Looking at 9/11 in light of have has been exposed as lies and a cover-up by the federal government and the fraudulent report of the 9/11 Commission, taken into perspective the neoconservative or neocon document called PNAC, and their positions in the federal government and private power elite, we can name 19 co-conspirators at-large who are long overdue to have charges and specifications drawn up against them, and other key chain conspirators.:

George H.W. Bush; Bejamin Netanyahu; David Rockefeller; Dick Cheney; Paul Wolfowitz; Condi Rice; Richard Perle; Richard Myers; Douglas Feith; Montague Winfield; Dov Zakheim; Larry Arnold; George Tenet; Richard Mies; Michael Chertoff; Ralph Eberhardt; Michael Mukasey; Philip Zelikow; and John Deutch.

A dramatic facsimile of such a trial on the order of the Judgment at Nuremberg would be add weight to debunking and therefore ending these wars of aggression by showing them for what they are. A total criminal fraud, further exposing all military orders given to perpetrate these constitutionally illegal wars of aggression, are UNLAWFUL ORDERS!

In fact, the oath one takes on entering and reenlisting in the US military to to ‘….that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…’

Most critically, all Members of the US Armed Forces must understand that they have been given, and must now reject all unlawful orders irregardless of from whom, including the white house or pentagon.

The US War Crimes Act of 1996 carries the death penalty and is prosecutable in US courts, and used for mock trails by activist groups on and off college campuses, to drive home the point that we are ‘”A nation of laws, not of men’” Therefore, we must not allow criminality to reign supreme by dent of office and mass media propaganda. Public opinion polls prove the people are not duped by the lies of the criminals in power.

Ten years after 9/11 we have no defense for silence, for not confronting propaganda that aids and abets Crimes Against Peace, a War Crime, without becoming complicit ourselves by omission.

Furthermore we must come to understand and public state that 9/11 was more than a Inside Job.’”  That is was at minimum a co-conspiracy between the US government, military, and business groups, with Israel using its’ Mossad agents and dual US-Israel citizens to plan, execute, and cover-up 9/11 for mutual imperialistic gains in land and resources, leading to the mass murder of millions of innocent people who have the right of reprisals against the aggressors. See Article 497:

Break the silence, challenge those in denial, study the facts, radicalize the would be enlistees before they are victims of 9/11 too. Before they become sick in heart, mind, and body; for their suicide rate exceeds battle deaths. They are being killed upon recruitment, for no man can be better than his mission. To not raise consciousness by voice or e-mail, is truly the complicity of silence!