No Thanks for the Hungry on Thanksgiving

By Mary Getlein

In many cultures feeding the poor is a mandate: they provide for people who cannot provide for themselves. Not in this country and not even in this little town of Venice.

It has been decided by the city of L.A. not to allow a permit to feed people in Venice, on Thanksgiving. This is such a slap in the face to basic humanity.

For the second year in a row, L.A. city politics has denied the Venice people the permit to feed the hungry. Before, when they had the free Thanksgiving dinner on Westminster and Ocean Front Walk, it was a huge success.

Many people brought food, and many people were fed. The good feelings from the event promoted community. Why would the city of L.A. have a problem with this? Unofficially, the city’s policy has been to ignore the poor and to discourage people from feeding the poor, as this gives them a reason to “stick around.” The city wants them all to just go away.

This year there are many more homeless people on the beach than there were last year. People are really in need. It’s a travesty when people are willing to get together and have a beautiful celebration of sharing, and the city of L.A. shuts it down.

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  1. there is an organization thats FEED THE HUNGRY IN VENICE BEACH called :”sEnD mE a pEnNy” which will be having a FEED THE HUNGRY FOR CHRISTMAS…2012. You may go to sendmeapenny.org for more information or call 310.619.3885. Thanks!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!