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2012 Seems To Be a Big Thing.

It certainly caught the interest of the general public about what’s happening in Poland.

Not meaning any disrespect to the Poles without whom there’d be no Stanley Kowalski, 2012 is an astronomical fact.  It hasn’t taken place yet, but will affect each of us according to our character and temperament.

I don’t think we’ll be the same after 2012.

The big challenge is to eliminate fear from your life.  Avoiding television may help with that, not that I don’t have my own favorite show, which was “Cheers” until recently when I was hit with suicide moods.  However, life goes on, beyond so called death called reincarnation.

If you really think about it, death could be called a world wide business, not that I want to discuss politics and big business.

The bottom line is spiritual, because we are spirits with a number of bodies from physical to intuitive.

We all live in different worlds according to our depth of awareness.  It’s futile attempting to convince someone of your ideas.

We influence and benefit each other according to the value and reality of our life.

We are now spiritually evolving, rapidly and dramatically, as love, creativity and compassion become more real in our lives.

There are no problems, only challenges in life.  Recognizing challenges as opportunities to unfold spiritually is wisdom in our lives.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed, joyous Holiday Season as you unfold, as life is a blessed opportunity to unfold our essential spiritual nature.

I like to leave you with a great spiritual truth, but I’m feeling a little suicidal right now…I’ll get back to you.

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