• The Venice Mummy – John D Ekstromer
  • Save the Venice Post Office – Tina Catalina Corcoran
  • Who’s Poisoning the Leaders of South America? – Bill Mitchell



The Venice Mummy

Dear Beachhead,

Waaaayyyy back in the late fifties-early sixties, there was a bar on Lincoln blvd, just south of Washington. There was a hole scratched in the whited out window where kids could look through and see a wrapped up mummy. My friend and I used to check it out once and awhile, because that’s what kids do. Rumor has it that it turned out to be a murder victim, and was removed by the police.

I’ve been trying to find something on it, but so far nada. I’ve emailed a couple of Venice historians, but never received a reply. Sound like something you all might want to look into? It was supposed to have been a big story when it hit, but I was overseas then, so I lost out on the biggy. Just really a curiosity thingy.

Raised on Garfield Ave. for 15 years, I remember when McDonalds went up, and I bought 15 cent burgers back then.

My best friend got polio from the canals they lived on. The whole place smelled of oil and the marina was just s dream in someone’s head. Long time ago.

John D Ekstromer


Save the Post Office

Dear Beachhead,

Your P.O. “Suspension” story, by Greta Cobar, made me stand up and cheer!! Right here in Blue Lake- “Thank You!”-I wanted to hop on the first Greyhound for the ride to Venice-to be there…yet-I was there-at the original screening of Feeding The Sparrows by Feeding The Horses in 1978-once again- I remember:asking “Where Have I Arrived?” Here, 33 years later- “HUMBOLDT” – Where I have arrived!

P.S: Beachhead, “THANK YOU”-ALL!


Tina Catalina Corcoran


Who’s Poisoning the Leaders of South America?

Dear Beachhead,

According to news reports, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has expressed his “suspicions” over the number of left wing Latin American presidents who have acquired cancer recently.

“It’s difficult to explain, at this point, what is happening to some of us in Latin America,” Chavez said. “It’s strange that [Paraguayan president Fernando] Lugo, [Brazilian president] Dilma [Rousseff], and then myself, and a few days later [ex Brazilian president Luiz Inacio] Lula [Da Silva] and now Cristina [Fernandez] have contracted cancer”.

Intriguing because it is true, the statistical possibilities/probabilities are beyond my deduction, what isn’t is history and knowing the criminal nature of the US power elite; it would be intellectually dishonesty to think otherwise. And this would be under a regime that states, “Nothing is off the table” and that as we know includes the use of nuclear weapons, so why wouldn’t smaller doses be covertly used to poison by food, drink, or directed energy beams. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Bill Mitchell


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