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What we believe has a lot to do with what we experience, and how we experience it.  Unfortunately, we take on beliefs before we are emotionally mature enough to fully understand them.

Herein, we have religion, and it’s disturbing history and challenging psychology.  If we go to the bottom line we find monogamous marriage taking part in an endless number of social ills.

To be brief, it simply doesn’t work.  Not to be judgmental, however, I don’t believe, aside from a couple thousand successful mystics, that anyone has attained permanent peace within themselves, here on earth.  Of course, I could be overreacting to television.

We need each other, real, rich, human contact if we are to be spiritually alive.  We are spirits, projected from the Supreme Spirit, to experience the mystery, wonder and bliss of creativity.

No, I don’t have any answers, but I do have a lot of questions.  I’ll share them with you sometime.  Forming a good sentence is an achievement; however, forming a good question is even more impressive.

Zen people say the answer is hidden in the question.  What can you expect from someone who stares at a blank wall all day, and rejects a well-cooked steak.  I kid the Buddhists because Buddha had a great sense of humor, and he danced with the stars, sun and moon, and only passed the hat when he felt he had done a good show.

Teach me always to be humble and grateful all the days of my life, because the enlightened souls of yore have left their endless gifts of revelation and wisdom that I may live on earth in happiness and joy.

Like the song of the morning bird, let thy wisdom and love awaken me from the slumber of spiritual forgetfulness.

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