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Some question the existence of God when they have yet to comprehend the reality of themselves.  How about that?!?  Ignorance is the villain. You can’t take it personal.  Go with the flow and be out of step.  What can I say, everyone has their own destiny, which is Oneness as God.  It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.  From, In and Back Too.  Talk about Blessed.

I believe things would be better, more positive, creative and joyous if we paid more attention to the Imperishable, Immutable, Indefinable, Unmanifested, Omnipresent, Incomprehensible, Immovable and Eternal; however, I could be wrong.  I’m not betting on anything these days.  I do believe one’s beliefs are highly significant, influential and meaningful in one’s life and enfoldment back into the Ultimate Realty.  God bless us all because God cuts us a lot of slack, no matter what we believe.

Truth, Good and Beauty are three winners that will take you home smiling with no regrets or a bad taste.  We were created with an undying love for Trust, Good & Beauty.  Pork chops came later, with the bad taste.

If God’s in Her Heaven, all must be right in the world.  The only culprit in this plot is the ego; and we’re all involved in that drama.  Life is an obstacle course back to the perfection that is God, Cosmic Consciousness.  The one and only obstacle is the illusion of ego, and if it is an illusion, how come we’re taking it so seriously?  Killing each other over a difference in beliefs.  And there’s the challenge, embracing beliefs that compassionately embrace the entire universe, and everything within it.  God is Cosmic, Consciousness, Love and Understanding.  Nothing to fear, the word is ohm.

Becoming totally bored is an introduction to enlightenment, with all due respect to television, politics and entertainment.  It’s an inside job to realizing the mystery of Absolute Bliss.

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