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I never met, however, I remember, vividly, fiercely and formally, Oscar Levant. He was a brilliant pianist, close friend and interpreter of George Gershwin’s music, as well as a master wit and raconteur. Jack Paar idolized him and had him on his show many times. Oscar was a Capricorn Horse, with a profoundly sardonic wit. He claimed the height point of his multiple careers was making Joan Crawford cry – not an easy task. In films, where he played himself, the producers and director just let him make his own contributions to the films, charismatically, verbally and musically. He was always charming, delightful and an exciting addition to any film, with or without Joan Crawford.

At this time I request you bow your head and spend a couple of meaningful minutes sending Oscar some positive, enlightening, and nourishing thoughts. It will make the universe a better place in which to hang out. We will all be wiser and more jolly for it.

For those who are challenged by abstractions, we could say God, Allah, Brahman, Yod, Ahura Mazda is Light – Life – Love Endlessly. Sounds like Fun.

We make our own challenges, problems, aspirations, victories and attainments. Of course, we can get a little help from our friends. Obviously, there are less than perfectly evolved souls out there. When the time is right, it is a spiritual opportunity to give them a hand, as we get a hand, or finger, from others. It’s all Karmic, cool and the only way we really learn.

2012: time to realign oneself to the reality of our own Light Life Love, which is God.

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