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Venice Skills Center

Dear Beachhead,

After reading the April issue of the Beachhead (April 2012) in which Charles Thomas writes about the Venice Skills Center, I realized that he did not mention the testimonials at http://www.lausd.net/Venice_Skills_Center/testimonials.html

I think it’s important for people to have a first hand view of those that have benefited from the schools courses. I like the article, it is well written.

I ran into “Chicago Baba.” I remember him as a local icon who used to sit on an Ocean Front beach bench and meditate in silence. He was invited to live in India by one of his religious leaders. He said he remembered my photography I sold back in the late 70’s. We’ll miss his!

I enjoyed Sam Schatz’s “Venice In The 70’s” article. I can remember sitting nude on the beach next to the oil rig at the Windward breakwater and three French stewardesses came over and sat nude next to me. It was an unusual but liberating experience. Regrettably I was short a camera in those days.

Rich Mann


Big Wheel

Dear Beachhead,

THANK YOU, GRETA for your article in the April Beachhead.  My sentiments exactly.  I was one of the outspoken residents at the informational presentation on March 5 and I’ve already emailed such stated opposition to Councilman Rosendahl.  You have covered all the same points that I had to oppose such a monstrosity.

Here’s an additional point to oppose it.  We noticed that there will be advertising on it and when we asked about this, the Dept. of Rec and Parks representative mumbled something about how the ads wouldn’t be “inappropriate.”  We’ve been opposing (and so far successfully) “For Profit Signage” in the parks in Los Angeles.

In regard to the three years perhaps extending beyond that, when I “googled” them I read that they had put up the one in Paris for one year only and when it was time to disassemble it, they refused.  It was fought in the courts for two more years until they finally removed it.

I’ve been playfully nicknaming this “Observation Wheel” the “Non-Observation Wheel Due to Marine Layer and Fog.”

Gail Rogers


Moved by Open Letter

I am an occasional reader of the BEACHHEAD, and thru the powers that be, happened to pick up a copy of the April 2012 issue, which I perused last night.

The article “An Open Letter to the Community” moved me to tears. I have been a resident of beloved Venice for about 2 years and am keenly aware of the homeless situation day in and day out. I was terribly saddened to read about the 3rd Street/Rose Ave. raid and it’s devastating aftermath.

I wanted to voice my full support for the author of this article and editors of the BEACHHEAD and commend them for their compassion and attention to the search for a REAL solution to this REAL fact of life.

I have tried to become involved in a solution to this situation for years now, but find my energies thwarted; i.e., people “say” they want others’ help & contributions but are failing miserably organizing and reaching out to those like me that have the time & heart to contribute.

Please continue your fight for the rights of our weakest, most needy members of this wonderfully diverse community. Everything the author stated in her Open Letter is a reflection of my own thoughts and feelings. We ARE the coolest. We CAN solve this. Love, generousity and understanding can help to heal a broken soul. One by one we can make a difference. Together we can change many lives.

I am available to help & contribute whatever I can. Just, please, contact me.

Diane Loggin


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